Do I Really Need Voice Lessons to Become a Singer?

5 Reasons Why You Do!

Many students today mistakenly look to platforms such as YouTube when they decide to learn to sing. Why is this a bad idea?

1. Protecting Your Voice

Learning to sing is more than just belting out your favorite tunes. The human voice is very complex, and just like an athlete needs training and guidance from professionals, so do vocalists. The vocal chords are delicate and need to be warmed up and exercised just like any other muscle in the body. Failure to learn proper vocal techniques can result in medical problems that can affect your voice for the rest of your life. We have all seen the ill effects of not maintaining vocal heath in artists such as Julie Andrews (Sound of Music) and Adele who have each undergone multiple vocal surgeries to correct the harm caused from not singing with proper vocal technique. Proper vocal technique is not something that you can learn by watching videos online because there is no feedback to show whether you are executing the techniques properly. During your voice lessons, a professional voice teacher or vocal coach will listen and observe you while you sing and help you fix any potentially harmful singing habits.

2. Develop Your Ear

A professional voice teacher will help you develop your ear. Ear training is a big part of singing well. Hearing pitches correctly is something that develops through practice and the only way to know if you are hearing and matching pitches correctly is from feedback from a professional. A vocal coach will show you techniques to help you identify notes by ear and make sure you are singing them back correctly.

3. Fun and Motivating

Vocal lessons are fun and engaging. Having a voice teacher that is dedicated to your success will help hold you accountable to practice and develop as a musician. It is also a lot of fun to work with someone regularly and share ideas to make music more interactive.

4. Life Skills

In voice lessons, you will learn skills that will translate to all other aspects of your life. Vocalists learn breathing techniques, proper posture, and how to perform in front of others, along with lots of other skills.

5. Build Confidence

Taking voice lessons from a professional vocal coach will build your confidence. The constant positive reassurance and feedback that your voice coach will provide will boost your confidence and take away any doubts that you might have before you jump on stage. You will learn how to overcome mistakes, recover and put on a great show. Whether you want to perform as a soloist, in a choir, or just sing for yourself, you will be amazed how much knowledge, confidence, and joy of music you will take away from studying voice with a well-trained and experienced vocal coach.

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By Dr. Nathan Bridges, PhD.,
Operations Director of North Fulton School of Music
Vocal Coach, Piano, Guitar and Woodwinds Instructor