Preschool Music Lessons

Grant Park Music is one of the few and first private music schools in Georgia who offer a Preschool program.

Starting at 4 Years Old

Every student performs better when they know what is expected of them. This is especially true of preschool aged children. Our preschool program offers one-on-one sessions that introduce your preschooler to music in engaging, yet structured, half-hour lessons. Youngsters learn that music is meant to be fun while developing the basic skills required to appreciate and play many different types of music.

Through our preschool lessons for kids, your child will:

– Learn the fundamentals of music
– Develop an increased ability to grasp abstract concepts
– Develop an increased attention span
– Prepare for and perform at a recital in front of a live audience

Our preschool curriculum was developed collaboratively by our music instructors at North Fulton School of Music, some of which have over 20 years of teaching experience. In essence, we have taken different approaches from many published methodologies and using our own teaching experience have combined these approaches into our own unique preschool music curriculum. The preschool program uses numbers, alphabets, and colors to help students identify and understand musical notes on the piano. In this program we teach students the fundamentals of music primarily using piano and singing. We teach them preliminary notes, rhythm, and sight-reading, as well as music appreciation and music history. One of the main things we do is switch activities every 5-8minutes so that the student stays engaged as most young students have short attention spans. We also take our preschoolers and other young students to perform live in community events or karaoke events, and later on in recitals. Our preschool program is designed to give young students an edge in early childhood music and helps prepare them for private lessons. After we complete the preschool program, the lessons become private piano/voice lessons where the student continues learning how to read music, sing, and play the piano. The piano is a foundational instrument that helps students learn the language of music. They can use this knowledge towards any instrument they decide to pick up and learn in the future. Our preschool program is generally for students aged 4 and up but we have taken advanced 3 year olds who show they have a good attention span and at least know their alphabet, colors, and numbers. In lieu of a trial lesson, we would run the first lesson as a free evaluation lesson to see if the student is ready to commit to weekly lessons.

If your child is interested in music, has basic command of counting, colors and the alphabet, and is at least 4 years old, now is the time to start them on their musical journey. Contact us today to find a good match for starting your child off on the right note!

Music enhances the education of our children by helping them to make connections and broadening the depth with which they think and feel. If we are to hope for a society of culturally literate people, music must be a vital part of our children’s education.
Yo-Yo Ma